Riga Sightseeing...

Our city guide took us around Riga today. It was very impressive. We started on foot in "Old Town" which is where we walked the previous night with Thomas. Like Tallinn, this area is also designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The structures in the part of town were medieval style. We saw St. Peter's Church and the House of the Blackhead Society. This house was originally owned by a guild of privileged merchants and landowners who had to be established and married. Later the house was rented to and later owned by the Blackhead Merchant Guild which consisted of unmarried foreign merchants who lived in Baltic towns. This house was destroyed in WWII, but has been restored.

There was a demonstration going on here as well because city workers and teachers were not getting a raise this year. Sounds familiar (KCMO teachers still don't have a contract right now).

We saw a building with a black cat on top. We were told there was a man who wanted to join the original guild mentioned above, but was turned down, so he bought the property next to it and built that building and faced that cat's rear towards the other building. Needless to say, they came to the agreement that the man could join if he would turn the cat the other direction. There is a restaurant located there now, which is where we ate lunch after the conclusion of our guided tour.

We explored the town after lunch on our own and eventually went back to the hotel for a bit of a rest.

We had dinner at an Italian restaurant that was really good and had banana splits for dessert. They have really good rich chocolate ice cream here.

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