Transfer to Riga (capital of Latvia)...

We left for Latvia today after breakfast. On our bus ride we watch "Tea with Mussolini". Thomas was intentionally providing WWII-themed movies as a remembrance. It was a good film. We stopped for lunch in Parnu which was founded in the 13th century by the German Teutonic Knights. The restaurant ironically enough had traditional Russian food (since we didn't really get any there). John had a salmon soup and Cecily had Siberian meat dumplings. The dumplings were like tortellini with some kind of mystery meat (probably bear) in a mushroom broth. Quite good.

We walked around Parnu a bit after lunch. We looked at the Baltic Sea and John tainted it with his foot.

We continued to Riga. Once we got there, Cecily was feeling a bit car sick so she stayed at the room to re-coup. John went with Thomas and some of the others to get cash and look around a bit. Dinner was at the hotel and was very good. After dinner we walked around the older part of town a little bit with Thomas to get a feel for the area.

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