Cruise to Helsinki, Finland...

Our bus came to get us at 7 AM this morning (so tired). We took a ferry to Helsinki, Finland today. It took about three hours to get there. The hotel made sack breakfasts for us, which had one cheese sandwich, one salami sandwich and an apple. Strange breakfast. Made one salami and cheese sandwich and gave the apple away. The ferry had all stores and cafes aboard so we got coffee and a muffin.

Our city guide met us and we got started on our bus tour. We drove all over the place and learned some of the history of the city. We saw the 1952 Olympic Stadium, saw monuments to various individuals and the green-domed Helsinki Cathedral. In the square outside the Cathedral, we saw people demonstrating because inflation has gotten out of control.

After the tour, we had time to walk around on our own. We had lunch at a cafe, and later had ice cream. We looked around the open air market and bought a few things. Afterwards we took the ferry back to Tallinn.

We went to dinner with some of our tour friends at an Indian restaurant. The food was excellent. Too bad the service wasn't as good. It was a challenge to figure out the bill.

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