Transfer to Tallin (capital of Estonia)...

We left Russia behind today as we went to Estonia. It was a long, bumpy ride. It took forever to get out of St. Pete's because there was a traffic jam. We watched "The Pianist" on the bus DVD player on the way. It is about WWII from the perspective of a Polish person. It was a very heavy film. We got to the border where we had to get off the bus and get our passports stamped. We ate lunch in Narva, Estonia where we had a really good chicken dish.

After lunch we continued our drive to Tallinn. We had a three hours trip ahead of us. Several people needed to use the restroom along the way, but the bus driver was being difficult and didn't want to stop because he was going back to St. Pete's that night. Of course, there was a bathroom on the bus, but it was locked because he didn't want to clean it. It was really not cool. Regardless to say, the bus driver did not get a tip from us.

We finally made it to our hotel. Our room was awesome. It was very modern looking and had a computer with internet in it. We went back down to meet our group so we could take a walk to get some cash and look around a bit. We had dinner at the hotel, which was very good - pork, potatoes and sauerkraut.

Seems like John caught a cold. I wonder why.

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