Hermitage Museum...

We went to the Hermitage Museum today. This was once the Winter Palace of the Czars. This museum is huge, housing more than 3 million pieces of art. As the Summer Palace, the interior was amazing. We spend several hours here.

We had several hours on our own after the museum visit. We walked around with Gary, Diana and Mary Ann. Thomas had recommended a place for us to have lunch, but we couldn't find it, so we ended up finding this place called the Spy Girl Café. It was very interesting with and S & M theme. Lunch was very good. We went for dessert and coffee at a different place.

We went to meet our group at the Church of the Spilled Blood. There were some little shops outside the church so we got some souvenirs. Apparently Fatima wasn't paying attention when we were told where to meet because she never showed up. We had to go looking for her. Fortunately we found her outside the Hermitage with some police officers.

We had dinner with Lyalya and Angelina. They rescued Mary and Cathy earlier when they were waiting for us at the wrong place. They are very nice people. Angelina is going to college and Lyalya is a professor who came to help get her daughter settled. After dinner we walked them to the subway.

Cecily was really tired and decided to be a party pooper.

John went out with Thomas for the evening. Thomas had heard about a club he wanted to check out, and asked if John wanted to tag along.

From John's point of view...
Thomas and I took the subway a little further out in town. After getting off the subway, we walked in a well-lit area past several clubs... but we kept walking... into kind of a dark part of town. Then we came upon a building with a few lights on it, no main sign, though. Thomas knocked on the door, which was locked, and a security guy answered the door. After radioing to someone inside, he let us in. I guess it was kind of an "exclusive" place, called Griboedov Club...

We were among the first ones there, so we sat down and had a couple drinks. Later, there was some live music. It opened with Listen Up! Drum & Bass, and then the headliner, Stamina MC (a rapper from the UK), came on. Yeah, not typically my type of music, but it was fun to get out and get crazy with the crowd. Here are a couple of his websites...
Stamina MC on Wikipedia
Stamina MC on mySpace

2a, Voronezhskaya Ulitsa, Metro: Ligovsky Prospekt, St Petersburg, Russia

Event:21.09.08 LISTEN UP! feat. STAMINA MC + STAMINA DJ @ Griboedov [Saint-Petersburg]
Click HERE to see the flyer. The website is "www.griboedovclub.ru", but was not accessible at the time of updating this webpage.

Description from a Russian website:
Griboedov enjoys a special cult status in St. Petersburg, and it's easy to see why. It's situated underground in a former bomb shelter, managed by the famous rock band Dva Samoleta, and throws a popular Soviet 'retro disco' every Wednesday. With its cheap decor and equally cheap beer, a night out at Griboedov often has the atmosphere of bizarre houseparty, making it rife for encounters of the most entertaining kind. You're almost bound to get into an argument with a long-haired Russian over who won WWII and then spend the rest of the evening chatting up 18 year blondes - only to sober up at 4am and realize they don't speak any English whatsoever... It's that kind of place!

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