Petrodvorets (Peter's Palace)...

Today we went to Petrodvoret's, or Peter's Palace, the summer palace of the Tsars. As other grand buildings, this palace was also heavily damaged during WWII, but has been restored. In the front of the palace there is a canal that leads up from the Gulf of Finland. There are beautiful fountains all over the grounds. The inside of the Palace was decorated in two distinct styles - that of Elizabeth, which was extremely lavish with lots of gold and that of Catherine which was a more classical style. Too bad we couldn't take photos inside.

After our visit to Petrodvoret's we returned to the city where we had lunch at a place that served blinis, which are like crepes. They were really yummy. We had time to walk around the area and looked into some really expensive clothing stores. We went into a bookstore that had a café in it and we had dessert and latte. We met back with the group and rode on the subway to a stop near where we were staying and walked back to the hotel. We had dinner at the buffet and later went to a Russian folk dance show. It was very entertaining. We had the upgraded tickets which included drinks and canapés. We tried red caviar. Apparently we are not couth enough because it was rather -bleh- to our "uncouth" tasebuds.

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