Sights of St. Petersburg...

We started our day with breakfast buffet at the hotel today. We met our group at 9 AM today for our bus tour of the old part of town today. As we drove around, Tim provided lots of information about the history of city. We saw St. Isaac's Cathedral, which was heavily damaged during WWII, but has been restored. During the war, many great works of art and other important royal items and documents were stored in the basement of the Cathedral due to the strength of the structure. The architecture of the building is magnificent, as the foundation of the cathedral supports is tremendous weight of 300,000 tons of granite, marble and its 220 pounds of gold leaf with covers the dome. Click HERE for more.

We saw Peter and Paul Fortress, which was never actually used for military purposes. It was used as a prison, the mint is there which is where money is made. It is now a museum. Peter and Paul Cathedral houses the remains of most of the imperial rulers, including the last imperial ruling Romanoff family which was brutally murdered in 1918 and whose remains undiscovered until 1998. In 1991 it was confirm by DNA testing that it was indeed them. This was the family that was involved with Rasputin and spawned the Anastasia story. Click HERE for more.

We saw newlyweds everywhere. I understand the thing to do is get married and then go all around the city and get photos and the big landmarks. We saw two couples in front of the Church of the Spilled Blood.

We had dinner at a cafeteria style restaurant that had Middle East flair to it. We had fried potatoes and kabob meat. We had very good baklava for dessert.

After lunch we went on a canal tour of the city. This gave a different perspective of the city. It was pretty neat. We saw another newlywed couple from our boat.

After we got back we walked around where were staying in to get a better feel for the area.

Dinner at the hotel buffet again.

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