Riga Architectural Tour and Ballet...

Today is our five year wedding anniversary and also our last day here. We opted to take another guided tour of the city that focuses more on architecture. This one was in a bus, but we did get out a couple time to take pictures.

We went into "New Town" where the architecture style changed dramatically. The city went through a period of Art Nouveau where the facades of the buildings are extremely ornate and as you look higher on the building, the more impressive it becomes. Each building was truly a work of art.

We drove through an area which had wooden buildings and we drove past zeppelin hangers which are now being used for markets. We saw several monuments and the city's suspension bridge.

After the tour we had lunch at a place called John Lemon. Had Blinnis again and milk shakes. There was some sort of festival going on, so we looked around there. We didn't have a long time because we were going to dinner and a ballet that evening.

Dinner was Latvian cuisine. We had salmon. We walked to the opera house, which was just right across the street from our hotel. The ballet was called "The Sandman." It was kind of strange - a cross between The Who's "Tommy" and "The Shining". The main character saw something when he was a kid and basically descended into madness (it had two little blond girls in dresses holding hands - sound familiar).

We went back to the hotel and sat in the lobby with some of the group. We chatted for a while and then we to our room to pack up. Our flight was leaving at 5:55 AM, so we had to be ready to leave at 4:30AM. We only got a few hours of rest before it was time to go.

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