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Monday, 06/20/2005...

Since our ride wasn't coming to pick us up until 1:00 PM, we tried to sleep as late as possible. We ate lunch at the restaurant in the hotel and our ride to us back to Juliaca airport. We got checked in and waited for our flight to leave. We arrived at Lima airport around 7:00 PM. We went ahead and tried to check in for our flight to Dallas. American Airlines seemed so disorganized compared to LAN. We managed through, though. Our flight to the US wasn't scheduled to leave until 1:00 AM, so we ate dinner in the airport, walked around and John and Cecily watched a DVD to try to kill some time. Around Midnight, we decided to go to the gate. An announcement come on that the flight was delayed. After a while it became apparent it was due to mechanical problems with the plane's engine. By the time the fixed the problem and took the plane for a test run, it was 5:00 AM before we finally got on the plane. We are all so tired.

We all tried to get some shut-eye on the flight, but John was continually disturbed by a crying baby a few rows up. Somehow, Cecily managed to tune it out. To get an idea of how "out of it" we were, they served a sandwich to us. This sandwich had several layers - white, cheese, brown, cream cheese, white. Mom said she didn't like the really dry brown meat in the sandwich. Cecily told her it wasn't meat, it was brown bread! We had a good laugh and Mom said she thought she would like the sandwich better now that she knew it wasn't meat. Sleep deprivation will do that to a person.

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