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Sunday, 06/19/2005...

We woke at 5:45 AM today. John was still asleep at breakfast because it took him three trips to find the coffee, cream and sugar. Then he spilled his coffee and knocked over a chair.

There was some confusion about our transfer to the dock for our Lake Titicaca tour. We approached a driver from our tour company who was waiting outside our hotel. But he didn't seem know who we were. In the end, he took us were we needed to go and got us on a boat. I don't know if it was the one we were originally supposed to be on, but it got us where we needed to go.

The first part of our trip was to Uros, a man-made island. Our guide, Pedro, explained how the natives maintained this island made out of reeds. It was very interesting to learn about this place. We were told sometimes if the wind is very strong, the island breaks apart and the have to rent a motor boat to push it back together. If they are not careful, they'll blow away to Bolivia. After the short presentation, John and Cecily bought a couple souvenirs and took a reed boat, along with other members of the group, to the next island.

From there we hopped back on our tour boat and went to Taquile.

It was a three hour ride to Taquile. We arrived at the island and had to hike to the top, where the town was located. This was the highest elevation we had been at thus far. We had to make frequent stops to catch our breath. Once at the top, we had a beautiful view of the lake. It went on for miles. You might think is was an ocean if you couldn't see mountains off on the horizon.

We had lunch at a local restaurant. There were two choices - fish or omelet. John and Cecily had fish and Mom had the omelet. While we dined, a young man entertained us by playing guitar, flute and singing. Pedro explained some local customs and showed us examples of different clothing worn by the natives.

After hiking back down the island, we embarked on our four hour ride back to Puno. To pass the time, John and Cecily played word games with the nice British people on their tour. We sailed off into the sunset.

Tomorrow, we're going home.

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