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Saturday, 06/18/2005...

This morning we went down for breakfast. We all had very tasty scrambled eggs. John, Cecily and Mom went down to the square where a parade was going on in celebration of The Inti Raymi.

On the way down the hill, John traded the hat he got yesterday from Ricardo for a small painting from a local boy.

We decided to get a better view of the square, so we got a balcony seat at a restaurant and had milkshakes while watching the parade.

Around 1:00 PM our ride came to take us to the airport. John and Cecily's bag got searched because the metal gift they bought for Chris G. raised some suspicion - next time it's going in the checked bag.

Although the flight to Juliaca was fairly smooth, the plane was making some weird noises, which made John and Cecily very nervous. They were glad to be on land again.

We had an hour drive to Puno from Juliaca. Cecily did not enjoy the bumpy trip, as her tummy was upset. As we passed through Juliaca, we saw how poor the area was. We felt bad that people had to live that way, but were still irritated by the constant begging and badgering us to buy things.

We arrived at our hotel Eco Inn at Puno. We ate the buffet for dinner in the hotel and turned in for the night. We have a full, early day tomorrow.

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