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Thursday, 06/16/2005...

We shopped and ate in the town of Aguas Calientes today. At lunch, our waitress was such a nice lady and a hard worker. We exchanged a kiss on the cheek when we left. We went to see exotic birds, monkeys and orchids at the Pueblo Hotel, but they wouldn't let us in unless we were guests of the hotel. At almost $400/night that wasn't going to happen. While walking around, waiting for our train ride back to Cusco, John helped a really tired looking young man carry his buckets across the market area.

We did some shopping at the market. John and Cecily each bought t-shirts for 10 soles (about $3.00). Cecily saw another shirt she liked and inquired as to the prices. The shopkeeper wanted 25 soles, but Cecily only wanted to pay 15 soles. Cecily walked off and the salesperson called to her an agreed to the 15 soles. Victory!

A couple of signs around Aguas Calientes...

7 Wonders
Machu Picchu: Peru

Back at the hotel, we met a guy named Sven from Sweden. He was a nice guy and unfortunately, someone had stolen is camera with 400 photos worth of memories. We all went to the train station and said goodbye.

During our train ride back to Cusco, the steward and stewardess put on a fashion show and a man did a short show doing an Inca dance.

Back at Cusco we had dinner at Granja Heidi. Our meals were excellent! Cecily had a Peruvian chicken dish that included dried potatoes and beans. John had quiche and pumpkin soup. Mom had chicken stuffed with spinach and ricotta cheese. All their food was completely organic and grown/raised by the owners. We wanted to try the Nelson Mandela cake recommended by Frommer's Tour Guide. This made Carlos, the owner, laugh because the guidebooks from different countries all recommend different things. He let us look at samples and gave us a couple complimentary pieces of cake so we could make our own decision for dessert. We told Carlos about our honeymoon to Germany, since his wife was from there. We think this got us back on his good side after Mom almost screwed it up by ordering a diet pop at the all natural restaurant.

The desserts were awesome! We had Nelson Mandela cake (a glorious chocolate cake with nut and liquor layering), Mennonite Cake (simple chocolate cake) and chocolate swirled cheesecake. We also had Café Mocha. The bill came and it was only about 70 Soles. We thought that was too cheap (about $21.00 for three dinners, one pop, two waters, three desserts, three coffees). Carlos came over and said he didn't think the bill was right. When he came back with the refigured balance, it was less! Of course, we left a good tip.

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