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Monday, 06/13/2005...

Poor John. He had a rough night of, let's say, multiple stomach issues. He was very sick today. (It was probably the cactus fruit.) Cecily and Mom had breakfast and walked down to a pharmacy to get some pepto for John.

After medicating John and putting him back to sleep, Cecily, Mom and Dad walked down to find the museum housing "Juanita," a mummy. We asked several times for directions and found what we thought was the place. We did see some mummies, but Juanita was not there. We found where she was located and went in. The tour was going to take an hour, and since we had to catch a flight and have lunch, we decided to just get a postcard and head back to the hotel.

Cecily and Mom had lunch at La Quinta again. After eating, it was time to leave for Cusco. We had no problem getting through the airport for our 30 minute flight - though for John it was still too long. Our transport met us and took us to our hotel Arqueologo.

Cecily and Mom walked down the hill to look around. The main square at Cusco is very beautiful and reminded us of Europe.

A guy tired to get us to eat at his restaurant and we told him maybe later. He told us about a place we could get a cheap sandwich for Dad. We thought that was nice, so we decided we would eat at his restaurant for dinner.

Cecily and Mom walked back up the hill, got John, and then walked back down the hill for dinner. The food was very good and we had a view of the square from our balcony window. John's tummy was still upset so we found another pharmacy, got some more pepto and some ibuprofen. We stopped in at the Blueberry Lounge for a fabulous chocolate pie dessert and coffee.

On our way back to the hotel, John bought a Spanish Star Wars poster from a guy at a store for 5 Soles, or about $1.60. We got back to the hotel and turned in for the night.

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