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Sunday, 06/12/2005...
We began the morning around 5:30 AM with a wake-up knock (no phones). John woke up at 4 AM, though, with a terrible headache. Alcohol and altitude do not mix well. We had breakfast buffet and hopped on a very cold bus for our overly bumpy ride of about two hours to Colca Canyon. We saw burrows, cows, dogs, sheep, llamas, and people on horseback in the road. At one point, our bus was chasing a dog.

On they way, Jesus told us the canyon was only discovered in the 60s or 70s when a USAF flew over and published a photo in National Geographic. Tourism didn't start until the 80s when roads were finally being built. Jesus told us about all the earthquakes in the area and how the ground/roads are affected. Then, we drove through a tunnel…..

We arrived at Colca Canyon to see the condors, but they decided to sleep in, so we extended our stay. We did begin seeing them at a distance, but then were lucky enough to get a couple of fly-by. At one point, six of them flew right over our heads during the hike. The Brits got a good video of it that they will send us.

As we were leaving the canyon, John got part of a cactus fruit from a vendor (as you can see, there are markets everywhere). It is supposed to be good for a hangover. The owner of the hotel we stayed at in Coporaque hitched a ride back to Arequipa with us.

During our drive back we made a pit stop at a shop. A baby llama was roaming the store and a very friendly dog was romping around outside who untied Cecily's shoe. After John finished his cup of Coca tea, he played with a sheep outside and it begged him to pet it. After we got on the road again, we stopped to drop Greg and Kat off at a hotel for their pre-paid lunch and our van overheated. They put some water in and we went on our way to Chivay where we had lunch. While we ate, a band played and John bought one of their CDs.

After continuing on, John and Cecily discussed the fact that we thought it was interesting dogs liked to hang out on rooftops. And, on a side note, we were wondering what the guy we heard (outside our hotel in Arequipa) was yelling through a loudspeaker while riding around in some sort of contraption was saying, so we asked Jesus. We though he was yelling something like, "stay inside or you'll be shot," but in reality, he was just selling oranges.

After we survived the bumpy ride back to Arequipa, we had Hawaiian pizza for dinner and then had a gigantic piece of chocolate cake and coffee for dessert at a place called Cioccolate. Yummy!!!!

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