Cecily and I are in the process of possibly making the move from our house to downtown condo living... We need to sell a lot of stuff. Working on craigslist postings, but wanted to throw this out here as well, if anyone is interested... (pics coming soon)
  • Kettler Elliptical Machine (Ergometer XTR1)
  • LifeGear Magnetic Recumbent Bike
  • weight bench with bar and several weights
  • 25" and/or 27" tv (I have both) with entertainment center (speakers included, but not stereo)
  • bookshelves
  • end-tables
  • wooden desk with pullout writing board and drawers
  • small computer desk
  • my old 10-speed bike (cheap/free)
  • Cecily's 18-speed (good condition... only ridden once or twice)
  • Coleman Grill with cover
  • upright piano (44-inch upright Young Chang )
  • lawnmower / weed eater (when we're closer to selling)
  • small dorm-sized refrigerator
  • antique bedroom furniture (owned by Cecily's great-grandmother from late 1800's)
  • big striped chair
  • possibly our leather recliner

We are sorry to announce the passing of John's mother, Ginger, on Sunday 1/06/2007 at 11:23am. Please see the following link... Ginger's Memorial

Alert... Alert... Our good friends, Wendy and Chris, got married at Myrtle Beach on Saturday 10/20/2007.

We've got some great pics here:

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