December 31, 2006...
Voyage Home

"Cliff-notes" version of our adventure...

Flight: NW 0043
From: London-Gatwick, England
To: Minneapolis/St. Paul-Int'l, MN
Departure Time: December 31, 12:05 pm
Arrival Time: December 31, 3:15 pm

Flight: NW 0678
From: Minneapolis/St. Paul-Int'l, MN
To: Kansas City-Int'l, MO
Departure Time: December 31, 7:10 pm
Arrival Time: December 31, 8:38 pm

Locked the flat, ready to go to airport. Got half way down block realized Cecily left car and house keys in locked flat. Panic mode. Tried to make calls. No luck.

To Gatwick express train from Victoria Station to airport. Very frustrated. Made it to the airport. So crazy and busy. Barely made to the flight. Long lines through security. Wouldn't let us carry on bags. Made it home nonetheless.

Lynn (next-door neighbor) met us at airport and gave spare keys to John. Wasn't sure luggage would make is since managed to get an earlier flight out of Minnesota (starting to snow heavily). Fortunately, found our bags, ordered Pizza, and went home.

Cats very happy to see us.

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