December 29, 2006...
Big Ben, Parliament, Westminster Abby, Imperial War Museum

"Cliff-notes" version of our adventure...

Waited in very long line for Westminster Abby. First rainy day of the trip. Nice Dutch folks Peter and Johran let us stand under their umbrella. Chatted about an hour. We talked about the schooling system in Holland, their competence to speak several languages, philosophy, etc. (Peter was visiting New York 1969 when the WTC towers were being built, and shared a PICTURE with us. Also, here's a link to his WEBSITE.) Then took audio tour of abby.

Ate lunch at Indian restaurant. Very good. Cecily sick and went back to flat to sleep.

Ate dinner at the flat.

"Tour-guide" version...

10:30 AM Westminster Abby - Westminster/St. James - 10:00-1:45

1:00 PM Imperial War Museum - Southwark/Waterloo - Open daily 10:00am - 6:00pm

4:00 PM Cabinet War Rooms - Westminster/St. James - Daily 9:30-6:00 (last admission 5:00)

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