Our Honeymoon

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Friday, 10/10/2003...

Explored Dinkelsbuhl on our own. Not much English-friendly help in this small town. Nothing was marked for us to find anything on the map either, so we just looked around…

Then we left for Nordlingen. The main thing to see was the Crater Museum. Once again, though, it was entirely in German. Still a nice museum. In our typical fashion, we started at the opposite end of town from the museum. Even though we unknowingly stopped to look at a map right around the corner from it… Walked around their wall (another walled town) back to the car.

Drove to Ulm.

Got stuck behind several slow moving trucks along the way. Once again, things worked out for us. We showed up with just a few minutes to spare and were able to climb the Ulm Munster.

It has to be comparable to the height of the St. Louis Arch or the Eiffel Tower in Paris. (768 steps to the top - 530 feet, or 162m).

Toured the Cathedral itself. It is the tallest in the world, second only in size to Dom Cathedral in Cologne.

Stopped to get Cecily a new hat, got us some Italian Ice Cream, and got on our way to Meersburg (great pics on the next page).

Got checked in at a hotel/gasthaus. Judith, the concierge, showed us to our room and let us use the internet at the check-in counter. We learned she is newly engaged to a guy in Buffalo, New York, whom she met on the internet. We exchanged information and gave the suggestion to use theknot.com… Per her recommendation we had dinner and drinks at a nice Italian restaurant down the street.

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