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Thursday, 10/09/2003...

We spent the entire day in Rothenburg ob der Tauber. Had our complimentary breakfast at the gasthaus. Nicer weather today. Could almost see the sun. Still icky cold. Checked/sent email at the tourist information office. Rothenburg had much to see… (by the way, the cars get even smaller here...)

Toured the Criminal Museum and saw all the torture stuff. There was a lot to see from long ago, such as official documents of war, emperor's seals, shame masks…

Had café and kuchen (coffee and cake) prior to our English guided tour of the city (Martin was our guide... That's him describing the first German "drive-thru" window. It's really a convent window which the nuns used to use to pass food to the poor via a lazy susan, since they were not allowed to come in contact with people).

Saw the St. Jakobskirche (Church of St. James) which had more extravagant wooden sculptures. It was also said to house three drops of Christ's blood. It was notable that the wooden sculpture of the Last Supper had Judas in the center (it was one done by the same artist from Creglington - Tilman Riemenschneider). There was a story behind the height of the two towers; here's the short version... An old man and a young man had a competition to build the taller of the two towers. The young man was ashamed that he build the smaller of the two and threw himself off of the taller tower, to his death. The older man then married the younger man's former wife.

We climbed the City Hall tower. It was quite a tight fit up the stairs.

Went in several shops. Got CDs, a charm and sweatshirt. Also stopped at the Christmas store -- Kathe Wohlfahrt.

Later, at the recommendation of Martin, we ate at Zur Holl (Hell). Here's a link to their website. We had some of the brand new batch of their local wine. Cecily had shish kabob, John had lamb. We had two desserts, both with different ice cream - one with plumbs and one with crepes.

Drove to Dinkelsbuhl. Almost got in a wreck. Well, now we know what those circular signs mean. Found a place to stay in the center of the old part of town - Hotel Goldene Rose. Good thing the drive didn't take 10 minutes longer… We got to the hotel at 9:50 PM and they stop taking people at 10:00 PM. Things keep working out nicely for us…

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