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Wednesday, 10/08/2003...

Probably our busiest day. We visited FOUR cities in Germany today...

Got up and had our complimentary breakfast. Marienne gave us a towel with her gastaus's logo on it as a souvenir. She gave us her card with her address to send the picture/postcard. Here's a view from our room...

Walked around Bad Mergentheim. Saw their castle (Deutschordenschloss) that once served as the home base of the Teutonic Knights. This medieval order of knights has been restored today, and now serves as a religious and cheritable organization. It was also a museum with quite a nice Renaissance style spiral staircase.

Saw items relating to the history of the town... ie: dollhouses, weapons, amour, a taxidermied horse (?!?!) with a knight on top.

Saw their local church and an older church.

Went in the back door of the tourist office and got lost… but got found. Received maps, etc. of the town and Romanic Road.

Drove to Weikersheim.

Had lunch there… Saw their church… Beautiful, like the others.

Went in the castle (Schloss Weikersheim - Count Ludwig II's main home) on a guided German tour. We got a card to read along in English. The Castle has been virtually undisturbed for 400 years. Also had a spectacular garden outside. Incidentally, this castle has the oldest toilet in Germany.

Drove to Creglingen. Saw the Herrgottskirche (Chapel of Our Lord), which was a church built upon the area a "Host" was found around 1524. It had a very large detailed wooden altarpiece which was impressive. (The altarpiece sculpture is a 33-foot-tall structure showing the ascension of Mary, and was decorated in the 16th century by master craftsman Tilman Riemenschneider and members of his workshop.) No photos allowed, so we got a postcard. Looked around outside at the cemetery surrounding the church. Noticed there were several new tombstones, also and wondered how it was determined who get buried in this prestigious area.

Drove to Rothenburg. Still quite cold, windy and rainy, but found another gasthaus and walked anyway. Ate at a German/Italian restaurant and headed to a pub recommended by the gentleman who ran the restaurant. (Cecily decided that Germans do not make good pizza.) Came back "home" and took a bath - so far, there were only very small shower stalls in the places we'd stayed).

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