Our Honeymoon

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Tuesday, 10/07/2003...

Tried to wake up at 8:00 AM… Snoozed until almost 9:00 AM… No one in town will sleep past 9:00 AM due to the church bells, though. Got up and had breakfast waiting. John's first sof-boiled egg.

Walked around Miltenburg. Really old walled-in town. Kind of rainy. Stopped in a couple of the shops. Got a hand-made wooden piano "Silent Night player." Castle was closed, unfortunately. Looked in their local church, but didn't tour around as we didn't want to disturb the lady praying.

Drove to Wurzburg. Went to the Fortress (aka, Mainfrankisches Fortress, aka, festung Marienburg), which was the residence of local prince bishops from 1253 to 1720. Saw lots of sculptures, paintings, etc. Keeping with our "current tradtion," John got scolded for flash photography of a statue.

Next, drove across a river to the Residenz (Schloss und Garten verwaltung Wurzburg), which is one of the last Bavarian baroque castles built in the 17th and 18th centuries. We ate at its restaurant and got a free glass of champagne for our honeymoon, and got our picture taken with the waitress.

Saw a beautiful court chapel within the Residenz. The main Residenz had elaborate fresco ceilings that seemed to overflow onto the walls.

When it was time to go, we couldn't figure out how to pay for the parking and held a line of cars up. Another nice waitress actually rode down to the parking lot with us to show us how the darn thing works.

Left for Bad Mergentheim. Not only were we lost for a short time (although we've been getting along fairly well with the maps and help from strangers), but there was a major accident that forced us to detour in other small towns not on the map, on of which was called "Butthard" - (he he).

Made it to our destination and found a place to stay: Gastehaus am Schloss. Took our picture with the lady, Marienne, that runs it and plan on sending it her with a postcard from Kansas City to add to her scrapbook. She spoke no English at all and was a very nice lady, who even helped direct John's parking in the dark, small lot. Once again, had to maneuver a bit on the curbside.

Had dinner at a small pub called Johanniter, recommended by our friend at the Gastehaus. (Another lady patron there was with a group of friends and was laughing so much it cracked us up too, whatever they were talking about). Back at our room afterwards, John almost broke the balcony door. Gotta be more careful with the 1000 year old buildings…

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