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Monday, 10/06/2003...

Woke up late... Zut alors! (That's "OH $#@!" in French) But, thanks to the accurate directions from the helpful staff of Hotel Prince, we made it to the subway with time to spare. (Incidentally, the subway was right around the corner, not the one we had to scout out across town yesterday. We suck. One more jour and we'd have had the place memorized... :)

Took the subway to the train station. Got some quick breakfast pastries and a t-shirt of Paris. Train made a few stops along the way, but was a pretty smooth ride. Attempted to sleep, but once again, unsuccessful... Too excited.

Arrived at HBF (Hapte Banhof), or main train station in Cologne. Immediately an old German lady was asking us questions, but we couldn't help her... Aww. We felt bad. Should have paid a little more attention in that crash-course of German we took earlier this year.

Anyway, RCI is getting a nasty-gram. Avis car was not there. Had to take a cab to a different Avis location (kind of nearby) instead. But all was well... We rented a Renault Clio.

It was rainy. Drove back to HBF, which was next door to Dom Cathedral. Quite large, beautiful and spectacular. Actually, its the largest Gothic cathedral in Germany, if not the world. (A few facts: Its interior space is equal to 650 typical American homes. A ten story building could stand on its floor and not touch the ceiling. The twin spires are each 515 feet tall - more than one-third the height of the Sears Tower.) We weren't far enough away to get a full picture, so we had to steal the second and third pictures from another internet site...

Walked over to the HBF mall/food court. Had to pay to pee again. Had some German cuisine at a semi-fast food place (traditional type German food... schnitzel, red cabbage..., it's the place in the first picture) It was quite good, with the exception of when you ask for water, beware... you will get either carbonated water or mineral water. Took a few pictures of food signs, including McDondalds, where the manager actually chased us down outside to reprimand John. What is it about Euro McDonalds!?!?! Am I going to steal their idea????

Short adventure getting out of Cologne. Got some directions from a tourist shop. (Our car was a little different than John had driven before... Had to ask someone in HBF car garage how to put our car in reverse. Oh, the humanity...)

Drove on Autobahn A3 toward Frankfurt, then to Miltenburg. Paid to pee - again. Listened to French CDs along the way. Arrived in Miltenburg. Ate a Haus zum Reisen. The bartender was nice enough to reserve a room for us down the street, since the 700 year old one next door, of the same name, was closed for some reason.

Stayed at Hotel Brauerei Keller. Much bigger, ritzier room than Paris. Coffee mugs finally a good size as well in Germany. Watched Seinfeld in German...

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