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Sunday, 10/05/2003...

Up bright and early, but refreshed. I think the electric converter doesn't work. The battery charger is fried. Actually, it probably would have helped to bring the converter in addition to the adapter.. D'oh! Plenty of regular batteries for pictures though....

Went in search of the subway. Thanks to us having one brain between us, we found it. Figuring out the subway was a challenge, but we did it.

Had breakfast at Lutece (we remember this because we stole the menu). The omelettes and cappuccinos were superb! But why only a thimble of café...???

Off to see.... The Concieregerie (prison/torture... people like Marie Antoinette). Was the Palais du Justice (first and only place we had a security check). It is actually still used as a courthouse. Right next door to those two places was the Sainte Chappel. The most breathtakingly beautiful stained glass ever! It had every scene from the Bible. Didn't want to leave.

Were going to see the Musee D'orsay, but the line went down the entire street. Re-routed to the Jardin des Tuilleries and saw the outside of the Louvre also. Headed down the Champs-Elysees. Awesome indoor/outdoor mall-type area. Stopped for café and dessert at Nirvana (yep, stole that menu too.) Very neat ambiance as an outdoor-terrace setting. Walked some more... Saw a Roman-type building... What was that? Stopped at Virgin Records Mega-Store for some music. Had ice cream along the way.

Made our way to L'Arc de Triomphe. (Stopped a McDonald's to take a picture and got yelled at by a fry Nazi.) Climbed several hundred stairs and Mother Nature rewarded us with just enough rain for a complete rainbow :)!

Made our way to the Eiffel Tower. Lucky enough to see daylight, sunset and nighttime views all within an hour or two. Wonderful sights. Very cold and windy at the top. (Fun facts... The tower is 324 metres tall today, which is about 108 stories. By comparison, the St. Louis Arch is 630 feet tall.)

Restaurants there were booked. On our way to the hotel, sopped at a very hospitable Thai place. We had it to ourselves and got to know Li (the owner) pretty well. The nicest lady... She's lived in Paris for 20 years and speaks more than four languages. The food was the best oriental cuisine ever! Plus she was an amazing hostess. She helped the previous customers on with their coats. She helped us order from the menu. She talked with us most of the meal (and complimented John on his French skills).

Unfortunately, when it was time to pay, the credit card machine didn't work! No problem... ATM across the street... Wait! ATM and most of Euros were back at the hotel safe. Left card as collateral and briskly walked back to hotel. Luckily not far, but still got a little lost first. Got Euros and John ran, and ran... looking for restaurant... Of course, it must have moved.... No... Lost again. Li called Cecily at the hotel. John was nowhere to be found and so she (not Cecily, even though she was worried sick and had hives over it) - but Li, came looking for (and thankfully) found John running up and down the streets of Paris. She wanted to be paid obviously, but seemed genuinely concerned for his well being... So much so, that she had one of her employees walk him home. Another really nice guy that had to go that way anyway to take the subway home.

(Contrary to popular opinion, we have found the French to be extremely friendly and helpful. Viva le Paris!)

Hopefully we'll be able to find the train station tomorrow... Or we could try to commandeer one of these little beauties (they even get smaller than these in Europe, folks) ...

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