Our Honeymoon

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Saturday, 10/04/2003...

Arrive at stinky Charles de Galle Airport near Paris. Just like the "Jetsons" through with the shuttle walking tubes. Called the minivan transport…. Twice (they forgot about us). Interesting, semi-scary car ride in and we made it to Hotel Prince (still no sleep). Checked in and dropped off luggage… (oh yea… room the size of a closet and a half, but cozy)

Off to see stuff… Hotel des Invalids (military misc. and Napoleon's tomb)…

Back to the hotel to "freshen up" after stopping for crepes. Then, off again… walked…. Walked…. Walked… Lots of amazing architecture… walked some more. Saw Notre Dame… (Lucky enough to witness a mass en Français.) No time to go to the top, though… Walked a lot more.

Got lost still looking for Marina de Bercy. Saw a weird guy doing bicycle tricks on a bridge along the way. A cute little polite boy on a bike asked us for the time… "Quelle heur est il?" Got directions from several different very nice French people and made it in the nick of time (although quite sweaty) to our dinner cruise on the Seine.

Took a cab back to the hotel and passed out around 9:00 PM…

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