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Saturday, 10/18/2003...

Had the best breakfast yet (for free too! - well, included with the room). Quite the spread… bacon, eggs, different yogurts, breads, cereals, milk, coffee, nutella (stocked up for the plane), "lunch meats," cheeses… Nice middle eastern waiter helped us out with a map and directions for the airport.

Drove to the airport with not too much of a problem. Only got lost briefly in "downtown" Munich. Upon arrival at the Munich Airport, we were impressed that it was the cleanest, and most modern, one we'd ever seen. Quite nice.

On a side note, (don't scream, ladies) John heard before leaving for Europe, that they etch little pictures of a fly in the urinals so the guys will have something at which to aim, which lessens any mess. By George, it was true... (No one was looking when this picture was taken, as John would look a little strange, but you all know that.)

Plane ride to Chicago was about 8 hours and 45 minutes. Got to read a little. Saw two movies ("Charlie's Angels 2" and "Bruce Almighty"). Got meals twice and the steward/stewardesses were great about coming by all the time with different drinks.

Had almost a three hour layover in Chicago. It was the only place that stamped our passports for the whole trip. Got some grub and made a couple of phone calls on John's cell phone (Cecily's parents, and Dawn to see how the kitties were doing).

Got to KCI, took the shuttle to the Marriott, and drove home... A long day of traveling comes to a close. Very glad we went. Had a great time. Very glad to be home.

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