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Friday, 10/17/2003...

Got up for our complimentary frühstück. Did some shopping on the way to seeing the sights of Salzburg. Saw Mozart's residence. Took one of the handheld audio tours. Once again, no pictures allowed. Informative, interesting. There were old pictures, paintings, pianos, letters written by Mozart and his family, hand-written sheet music, etc.

What did Mozart really have to do with chocolate?? But these places were EVERYWHERE in Salzburg:

Went to the Hohensalzburg Fortress by the way of cable car. Took the audio tour. Another great castle with a spectacular view of the mountains and the city below.

We had lunch at its resturant. Very good food and view. Very poor service, though. Just for us, however. Our middle eastern waiter was helping just about everyone else immediately around us. We think he was ignoring us since we were American. (This was around the time of the beginning of the US attack on Iraq and removing Saddam Hussein. This was the only time we were treated rudely on the entire trip. All the other extremely nice people and the beautiful view made up for it.)

On the way back to the car, we had our picture drawn by an artist from Russia visiting Salzburg on vacation with his wife.

Drove to Munich. (Click on this LINK for a site with many of Munich's activities.) There were several exits for it, so we got lost, again, of course. A nice guy at a gas station pointed us in the right direction, and so did a couple of girls at the desk of a hotel. We got to our scheduled hotel, but got switched to another one due to renovations. (FYI, no two toilettes have been alike yet - all have unique flushing mechanisms.) Got unloaded and parked.

Used the subway to get to the Hofbrauhaus for drinks and dinner...
For fun, here are a couple of links from the subway billboard in the second picture below:

http://www.ueberdiemanspricht.de (news?)
http://www.desk-sprachkurse.de (English/German class)

Cecily had white wine and stuffed cabbage. John had a couple brats with sauerkraut and a dark beer. Crammed in some bread, pretzels and different cheeses, too…. The "poop cheese", as we called it, was kind of gross. The rest was pretty good. Our waitress looked a tad tired, we thought. Must have served a lot of beer that night.

Returned to our room to pack up for our journey back to the USA in the morning.

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