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Thursday, 10/16/2003...

Got up and called the cleaning crew since they had to okay our tidiness before we could check out. We passed - thank goodness.

Got a pastry from the bakery under the swimming pool for breakfast again, a coke from the machine, and got on our way. Incidentally, we'd been so hot all the time in our room that we had to open the doors all the way to cool off and had to shut them before leaving or shopping. The cleaning crew showed us, as we were leaving, that you could open the doors a special way inward to keep the room cool…. D'oh!

We were leaving Oberstaufen and once again, passed a gigantic pile of bicycles. They were lit up at night. Still didn't know what they were for. We also had to pay a tourist tax to the front desk before we left. So much for thinking we actually got to pee for free somewhere, eh?

We made it to Vaduz, the capital of Liechtenstein, which is probably the smallest country in the world. Stopped to get a couple of souvenirs. Had to watch another person use the sophisticated parking meter first so we could copy him. Forgot to mention, they had guards look at, but not stamp our passports on our way in to the country. No other search or anything. Short and sweet. We also tried to look at their local schloss (castle), but visitors were not allowed. (Note the construction sign in the foreground of the second picture... Just like at home... Can't escape it, even on another continent... :)

Then it was onward to Salzburg, Austria. Looking up at one point, it was hard to tell where the sky ended and the mountains began. So beautiful. Traveled through miles of tunnels through the mountains. Stopped at a small city to rest and grab a bit to eat. The trip was supposedly 3 or 3.5 hours, but it took us a little over 8. Tired of driving, but the scenery was awesome.

Got to the hotel in Salzburg (The Hofwurt, room 45). At the suggestion of the concierge, we got tickets to see a Mozart performance for the evening. It was a dinner theater. Got changed and, on our way, we stopped at an internet café to check/send a couple of emails. Got help from an local Austrian on finding the building for our concert. She was going that way, so she led us right to it. She was a nice lady who was a German/French teacher. She kind of gave us a little free tour on the way, pointing out things to see.

The concert and dinner combined for a perfect evening. The musicians were superb and the two singers were very talented and animated. They put on a wonderful show. The guy came over and sang directly to Cecily at one point. The older Portuguese ladies at our table were quite nice, too. One of them spoke some English since she had relatives back in the US.

Walked back to our room and window shopped along the way. We'll check some more out tomorrow.

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