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Tuesday, 10/14/2003...

John got a half-hour massage. Had brunch from the vending machine: eggs, toast, milk, cheese and some really good chocolate wafer things for dessert.

Both of us got a hair cut and had a nice chat with Marina, the hair stylist. The finished product:

Marina has been to the US and liked how friendly the people are. She did agree with us that it's easier to drive in the US.

Since things have been closed for us recently, we had the front desk call people in Nesselwang to ensure the cable care to the top of a mountain and toboggan ride down was open. They said yes, so we drove an hour there. And yep…. It was miraculously closed. So, we drove an hour "home." Still nice mountain scenery, and we didn't get lost this time.

Came back to the room and took a little nap and read some more. Had dinner at the resort's restaurant. Probably the best meal the whole trip, thus far. To start, we had soup with salmon in it. Cecily had a salmon dinner and John had the trout. We chatted with a couple from America (Kevin and Tamara). They were from Detroit and just on vacation. They followed the Reine's wine and castle route. Also, they'll probably be on our flight home on Saturday.

Checked our email, and saw that our wedding proofs were online - Yea! :)

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