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Monday, 10/13/2003...

Slept in a little today on our "day off." We wanted some pampering today, so we tried to schedule haircuts and massage, etc. Hair stylists are closed on Mondays and massage people aren't round unless you have an appointment. How do you get an appointment if they aren't there to make one? We got phone numbers from the front desk. We also got a recommendation for lunch from the front desk for an Asian restaurant about 1 km down the road in Weissbach, since the resort restaurant and café were closed.

We walked to the Asian restaurant, but it was closed, too. Nice scenery on the walk, though.

We walked back to get the car and drove to a Chinese restaurant in Oberstauffen up the street. The food was beautifully prepared with a bird sculpted out of a carrot. The ceiling had stuffed blowfish on it. Our dessert of fruit and ice cream cam in a big shell.

Came back to the resort to make some hair appointments, etc. Took a two hour nap. Went and made a massage appointment for John for tomorrow morning. Got some cappuccinos at the bar and some desserts to-go for later.

Went swimming in the big whirlpool, which was quite cool. It had buttons all over that controlled jets on the side, out of the floor, and even a nice massaging waterfall out of one of the walls.

Came back and ate leftovers from dinner last night and lunch today. Watched some TV. One show was the German version of "Who Wants to be a Millionaire." ("Wer Wird Millionar") Relaxed at "home" for the evening and read a bit.

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