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Sunday, 10/12/2003...

Looked around Oberstaufen for an ATM, but they were mostly inside with the doors locked. We piggy-backed in with some guy to use the ATM at one building, but it wouldn't accept the card?!?! We went ahead and got a little breakfast at a local bakery and then headed towards the castles near Fussen. We stopped in a few of the small towns along the way looking for a bank. The card still wouldn't work at the ATM. We were getting worried because we were down to roughly 50 Euros and places hadn't been as credit friendly as we'd hoped. On another side note, there were groups of kids smoking and drinking kind of early in these small towns. Sometimes we'd see one walking by him/herself looking awfully sad... probably having some sort of nicotine fit...

We made it to Castle Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau, which were near Fussen. We looked around outside a bit. You could see both castles from down the mountain.

Got our tickets and took a short hike to get to Hohenschwangau. No pictures allowed inside, but we did get a guided tour in English. Here are some outside pics of/from the castle...

The guide was knowledgeable, but he did have one of those Dracula-assistant voices, and John thought it seemed he'd burst into maniacal laughter at any moment. The tour was good (about 30 or 40 minutes), but someone needed to control their screaming little boy for most of it. Grrrr... We walked back down and found a place for lunch. Had meat wrapped in cabbage and some baked pasta - much like mac-n-cheese.

Then it was time for our Neuschwanstein tour. Tried to get a horse/carriage ride to the top (it was much higher), but the line was way too long…

Walked very quickly up the other side of the mountain, which was quite steep. We had to go quickly since we had a scheduled tour to attend. Cecily almost died. Okay, not really, but she was quite winded on the way up. But, we made it in time and got the guided tour in English. I guess this little dog had a problem getting up the mountain, too...

Once again, no photos allowed inside, but you could take some of the outside and from the windows.

After the tour, we stopped in the castle's café for kasekucken (cheese cake) and black forest cake - they were out of coffee. We didn't watch their video/slide show since it was in German. We left the castle and took a different way down by way of the Marienne Bruche (Marianne's bridge). It was a bridge that had a most excellent view of Neuschwanstein. There was a running river/waterfall beneath it as well. We went down the mountain to finally find our vehicle. John's knees were hurtin'. Getting' old, you know.

As usual, got very lost on the way back to Oberstaufen. Must have had a wrong turn at one of those damn circular intersections. First we'd be on a semi-major road, then we'd end up in a very mall town (and get lost in it, too), then end up somehow on the autobahn, which was good since we could find our way (the long way) from there.

Went back to Oberstaufen for dinner at an Italian/German place. Had lasagna and kaseschnitzel. At our waiter's (Harry was his name) suggestion, since we were looking for live music, we went to Zum Apost'l. He wrote us a note to get to Jurgen, the guy that runs the place, so he'd treat us right.

We sat down and had some rose wine and Jurgen brought us a shot of pure something that knocked us on our butts. We got on the dance floor and did some rumba and swing. It was a little older crowd. They all seemed to be doing some kind of line dancing. The music consisted of a younger woman singing and a guy doing sequenced stuff on a keyboard and singing back-up. They also let another guy fill in on vocals for a while to do some Spanish-sounding music. Luckily, it was a very short drive back to the hotel resort...

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