Our Honeymoon

Fri 10/03
Sat 10/04
Sun 10/05
Mon 10/06
Tue 10/07
Wed 10/08
Thu 10/09
Fri 10/10
Sat 10/11
Sun 10/12
Mon 10/13
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You are about to read about our most enjoyable trip to the following cities from/to USA and Europe...

  • Chicago, USA
  • Paris, France
  • Cologne, Germany
  • Miltenburg, Germany
  • Wurzburg, Germany
  • Bad Mergentheim, Germany
  • Weikersheim, Germany
  • Creglingen, Germany
  • Rothenburg, Germany
  • Dinkelsbuhl, Germany
  • Nordlingen, Germany
  • Ulm, Germany
  • Meersburg on Lake Constance, Germany
  • Oberstaufen, Germany
  • Fussen, Germany
  • Nesselwang, Germany
  • Mainau, Germany
  • Lindau, Germany
  • Vaduz, Lichtenstein
  • Salzburg, Austria
  • Munich, Germany
  • Back to Chicago, USA

  • ENJOY!!...

    Friday, 10/03/2003...

    Stayed up almost all night in preparation for our journey. Only four hours of sleep (maybe)! Got up around 8:00 AM… Here's the electrician to work on the house. Try to pack, etc. Here's the scheduler from total restoration to look at the basement. Cecily's dad called… John's dad called... Steve called… Gonna be late for our flight… Still gotta finish packing… Say "bye" to Kiki and Ency… Okay, ready to go…. Drop car off at Marriott and gifts of chocolates for Rebecca, Pex and staff. Shuttle to airport… Got on the plane to Chicago. No sooner do we go up, it's time to come down. We flew to Chicago's O'Hare airport before heading off to Charles de Gaulle airport just northeast of Paris. Layover at O'hare and get some snacks; including Peanut Butter Twix ice cream Sundays :! We had some more time to kill before our flight (about a 3 hour layover), as you can see by John's loitering by one of the cigarette shops.

    Got on the flight and headed for Paris… Sat behind two nuns. Had dinner and complimentary champagne! (Okay, not because our honeymoon, but free on international flights.) Try to sleep, but to no avail. Watched some videos and tossed and turned. They fed us dinner…. And breakfast…. Eight hours later…


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